8GHz USB-Connected Wi-Fi 6 Ready RF Power Sensor with Powerful Measurement Capabilities

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Boonton RTP5008 Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensor that has been designed to provide the characteristics of Wi-Fi 6 devices in the newly allocated 6GHz band (5.925 to 7.125GHz). The device can completely characterize the Wi-Fi 6 chipsets and modules at their highest level of performance along with the utilization channel bandwidths up to 160 MHz in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) configurations. The Wi-Fi 6 can offer faster data throughput, greater network efficiency, improved operation in dense or congested environments and extended battery life for client devices.

The RTP5008 has been designed to provide industry-leading performance with wide video bandwidth, fast rise times, fine time resolution, narrow minimum pulse widths, high pulse repetition rates, and superior measurement reading rates. The new device can deliver powerful RF measurement capabilities needed for Wi-Fi 6 chipset or module work as it can cover the frequency up to 8 GHz and has a video bandwidth of 165MHz.

The RTP5008 features 100ps time base resolution with an acquisition rate up to 100MSa/s, this provides 50 points per division with a time base range as low as 5ns/div, which allows the device to gather useful waveform information often missed by other power analyzers. Engineers can utilize multiple sensors sharing a common time base to measure MIMO transmissions over a virtually unlimited number of data packets.

Features of RTP5008

  • 8GHz RF Power Sensor
  • Up to 165MHz video bandwidth with 4ns rise time
  • Narrow pulse widths up to 10ns can be captured and characterized.
  • Zero measurements dead time
  • 100,000 measurements/sec
  • Multiple parameters can be calculated and plotted
  • Crest factor, CCDF, statistical power measurements
  • 10GSa/s effective sample rate; 100MSa/s continuous
  • Compact & lightweight: 1.7” x 1.7” x 5.7”; 0.8 lbs

The USB-connected RF power sensor leverages Boonton’s unique Real-Time Power Processing (RTPP) technology, a unique parallel processing methodology that can perform the multi-step process of RF power measurements faster. This allows the RTP500E sensors to capture, display, and measure every pulse, glitch, and detail with no gaps in data and zero latency.

With the help of the Measuring Buffer Mode combined with the  Real-Time Processing, the user can collect and analyze measurements from a virtually unlimited number of consecutive pulse or events. The RTP5008 Peak Power Sensors can provide fast, accurate, and reliable RF power sensing from 50MHz to 8GHz, with automatic pulse measurements.

The Boonton Power Analyzer software package allows the users to use the complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) to assess the probability of various crest factor values to gain further insight into DUT performance. The Boonton RTP5008 is ideal for design and verification, manufacturing, field installation, and maintenance. To know more about the Boonton RTP5008 Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensor, visit the official website of Saelig.

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