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How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and how much you can earn from affiliate marketing, you want to get started affiliate marketing. If you don’t know yet what affiliate marketing is and how much you can earn from it, then go back to this post. What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Much Can You Earn?Come back here and continue after that.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing The Right Way

Step One – Create A Website For YourSelf

A lot of people in trying to make things easy for you will tell you that you do not need a website to get started with affiliate marketing. That is true to some extent, but on the long run, you are going to wish you had a website.

You see, affiliate marketing is like a business. Your website is like your online home for your business. It is where people can find you officially. It makes you and your business look credible.

In my opinion, if you don’t have a website, you are not serious with your affiliate marketing or any other online business you are engaging in.

You need a website where you can review the products you are promoting as an affiliate. You will also need this website to build your customer list by collecting their emails to keep good constant communication with them and help them with their needs. It’s like growing a fan base. The more customers you have in your list, the bigger your business is.

You will need to grow this website and rank it on search engines. Once this is done, you will start getting huge targeted traffic everyday from search engines like google.

Targeted traffic is just people visiting your website from search engines and are really interested in what your website is about.

The best type of website to create for reviewing and promoting affiliate products is a Blog. Many bloggers are making five-figure $ income consistently every month just with affiliate marketing on their blog. See Exactly How To Start Your Blog (On WordPress)

Step Two – Join Affiliate Programs Or Networks

After creating your website, now it is time to join some affiliate networks or programs. Affiliate programs are simply companies who are willing to pay you a commission for bringing sign ups or sales to their product.

Affiliate networks are websites that collect all these companies and list them on their website so that you don’t have to jump from one website to the other just to join affiliate programs. These affiliate networks also help you track and view all your earnings on different affiliate programs in one place.

You can join affiliate programs privately on their website if they have a private affiliate program or you can join affiliate networks. I prefer to join affiliate networks. One great affiliate network you can join is ShareASale. See Best Affiliate Networks To Join And How To Get Approved .

Step Three – Start Promoting Affiliate Products

This is the last step in getting started with affiliate marketing. Now you have set up a website for yourself, joined affiliate networks/programs and got approved, the ball is in your hands. Once you have got approved to an affiliate network or program, you have a legally established business that has the potential to earn you five figure income to six figure income or more every month. How much you earn totally depends on how you take your business, and what you do with it.

See 18 Ways To Find Referrals And Make Sales For Affiliate Products

The best thing about promoting affiliate products is that some products pay you over and over again, just for a single customer you brought to them. This is called Passive Income . After you get paid for the first purchase made by the customer, you keep getting paid again each time the customer renews their payment. This is how people earn money with affiliate marketing while sleeping. This is how PatFlynn of SmartPassiveIncome made more than $300k in just one month.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing & How Much Can You Earn?

Before we start with what affiliate marketing is, I would like to say: Commit yourself to making money online and you will do it. Do not be in so much haste. Relax and learn. Which ever method you chose to start with, believe in it and learn all you can about how it works and most importantly, take action and you will make a living with it. Do not see it as work, instead see it as something important to do.

Ok. So…

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

You may have heard about it before as one of the ways to make money online. Yes it is, and it is actually one of the most popular ways to earn money online.

Affiliate marketing simply means helping other businesses get customers so you can get paid a commission for your help. Nothing more, nothing less.

The sweetest thing about it is that some of these companies do not even require the customer to spend a dime before you get paid. They can pay you just when the customer signs up on their website for FREE. Isn’t that very cool? This leads me to you about the two major types of affiliate marketing.

Two Major Types Of Affiliate Marketing

You really don’t have to bring a customer to buy something from a business before you get paid and make money with affiliate marketing. You can get paid just for bringing someone to sign up on a website lol :-). I know I have said it before, but it’s very exciting to know about that, and I don’t mind saying it a thousand times again. Don’t worry I wouldn’t 🙂

Cost Per Sale (CPS) 

Some refer to this as Pay Per Sale (PPS in this case). However, this is the type of affiliate marketing where you have to refer someone and they have to buy something from the company before you get paid a commission.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Some refer to this as Pay Per Lead (PPL) but this is the type of affiliate marketing where you just get paid when someone signs up on a website. It could be a free trial, which may or may not require entering a credit card details. You simply get paid after the sign up is complete. I know a website that will pay you $100 just for this, and I am going to giving out the information to my email list subscribers who would like to learn how to earn $100 a day.  if you want to join simply look on the right bottom side and enter your email there, or when you come back the next day, enter your email on the pop up that appears.

There are also some other types of affiliate marketing like Cost Per Mile (CPM)Cost Per Click (You know the abbreviation here 🙂 ) . Well these ones don’t interest me that much because umm… you can’t make enough money here unless you have great traffic.

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

pays you per thousand impressions you get on an advert. They pay you just for people to see their advert on your website, but you most of them just pay you about $2 per thousand views you get on their adverts. You can put these adverts as banners on your website.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

pays you when someone clicks on the advert. So this time, you don’t just get paid for the views, you get paid also for clicks. This type pays more and pays per single click, but most times you get about $0.2 per click. It could be less than that, and it could be a bit more than that.

You have the free choice to experiment on, and apply all these types of affiliate marketing to see how much you can earn, but I’d rather focus more on the first two major types above. The CPS and the CPL because you get more bucks for the bang, and this leads me to talk about “How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing”?

How Much Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

Observe that I already said above, that I know a website that will pay you $100 to get someone to sign up on their website for free. That should give you a taste of how much you can earn with affiliate marketing. But the truth is, There is no limit to how much you can earn with affiliate marketing. It ranges from $0 to infinity!

It all depends on what you chose to do and how you work on it. You can work hard and earn a little. If you work smart, you earn more. You can work hard and smart and earn big.

Check this out.

You see that red circled earnings, that is how much Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome  made in one month from his blog in just ONE MONTH. That is a whopping $321, 642 . The best thing about that income is that it was passive. He didn’t have to work actively for it. He earned it from his previous work.

Passive income is simply money you earn while you are sleeping, on vacation or somewhere else. You are not working for it, you earn from your previous work which could be work you did in past few years. Read How To Earn Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

Now, he is not the only one that is making that kind of money from his blog with affiliate marketing, he is just one of the people that chose to go public with it. There are many others.

Now that you have seen how much you can earn with affiliate marketing, you may be wanting to get started with it as soon as you can.

Can I Start Affiliate Marketing Today?

Yes you can. Once you have made the decision on using the method to earn money online, you can start as immediately as you want.