19 Apr, 2024
6 mins read

How to Prepare for the End of a Credit Card Deferment

Credit card deferment and forbearance programs aren’t anything new. Creditors have long offered customers in financial distress short-term hardship options in the hopes that these users will be able to keep their accounts in good standing and avoid the collections process (which is less than optimal for both sides). Financial calamities, like the current coronavirus pandemic, mean […]

6 mins read

What Marriage Means for Your Credit

While marriage can impact your finances in many ways, tying the knot doesn’t create a direct link between both of your credit reports or scores. But once you’re married, however, your spouse’s actions may have an indirect impact on your credit, and you may be able to work together to help each other build credit […]

5 mins read

How to Rent When You Have Bad Credit

The following is presented for informational purposes only and is not intended as credit repair. Finding a new apartment is stressful enough in the best of circumstances, but if your credit is less than stellar, things can get pretty difficult. That’s because many landlords and property management firms require a credit check as part of […]

8 mins read

How to Prepare for the End of an Eviction Moratorium

If you’ve lost your job, are furloughed, or have a small business that’s been temporarily shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may have received temporary relief in a form of an eviction moratorium. At the local level, governments have provided these moratoriums as a way to keep people in their homes during this difficult […]

6 mins read

Regaining Pride in My Finances: A Queer Journey From Struggle to Strength

This year, Pride Month looks different than it has before. Most obviously, the Coronavirus forced Pride organizations across the country to cancel in-person events, eliminating one of the most visible components of the month-long celebration. It’s also taking place at the onset of a new economic reality that makes the moment more introspective than in […]

6 mins read

What You Need to Know If You Live in a Community Property State

Most states are “common law states,” which means married couples may share many aspects of their lives, but their property is individually owned unless both of their names are on a contract. Things work differently in community property states, where assets and liabilities that either person acquires during the marriage become the joint property of […]

2 mins read

SBurK – School Bus Tracker – Two Android Apps + Backend + Admin panels – SaaS

SBurK is a comprehensive SaaS school bus tracker system for managing the daily school bus operation that links the school, the parents and the buses into one powerful system. New: iOS version for both parent and driver apps is now available here Features SBurK consists of Two mobile apps for parents and bus drivers Backend system with two […]

5 mins read

How Minimalism Can Improve Your Relationship With Money

Problems with managing money can stem from a number of different causes. For many people though, one cause that doesn’t generate much discussion is philosophy. Many of us, without even realizing it, are caught up in a philosophy of consumerism that leads to excess and sometimes entirely unnecessary spending. One way to counter this is […]