Baromishal Open Again or Re-active


We sincerely regret our website for a long time to stop. In fact, our website was closed because of some mechanical errors and hosting problems. I hope there will be no such problem and you will not get any problems.


From today we are re-activating our website and inviting all of you to visit our website. If you need any type of thing, you can tell us either by commenting or emailing. And basically you know our website name The main reason we give this name is that we can post anything on our website. It could be a thing of technology, it could be computer software, and it could be machine information or news on other topics. We are trying to present any kind of thing here. But we try to do the thing that will not harm anyone. Thank you very much for all of you visiting our website. You must not forget to tell us what you want. According to what you want, we will try to serve you. Because you who visit our website from different countries. They come to our website and spend the time. Of course you need something, but you came here. If we can give that to you, then we will certainly be happy. I’ll tell you once more sincere Mubarakabad and thanks. If our site has been of any use to you to stay with us, then more than you can read, so you can share our site anywhere.


We will start another system later so that you can post. Basically we started the system. But due to a little error, we had to stop. We will try to post you can share your information. And we want to share those things here, in all the things we know about. You can also share if you want. In the future, we will try to provide you some financial support on the information you share. Since now it is a start-up organization, we are trying to be Inshallah if you are with us. Then you can earn something from here.

Today, we are launching the website. Of course you will be with us.



Maidul Islam


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