Double charge your mobile in just 10 minutes!


When you get out, it is almost impossible to charge your phone. Then there is no such condition as to charge flowers. But it would have been nice if some charge had been given. What to do then?
You know very well that it is the same thing to pay a few minutes and not pay. But today I will tell you how you can charge double for a few minutes.
Get your device into airplane mode first. This protects your battery life. This is because most of the work on your mobile device is performed by radio waves. This requires a lot of power for the device. For example, notification of various apps via WiFi, location check, connection to mobile tower, connection to Bluetooth device, etc. None of this can be active while your phone is in airplane
mode. Since your device takes the form of a toy or a breeze while in airplane mode, it charges very fast.

Also, if your phone is covered, keep it open while charging. The phone will not overheat and will charge fast. If you use an original charger with all its functions, your device will be charged twice as fast.

When you follow all the strategies you will charge at double speed than usual, while at the same time your device will charge 10 percent more.

You can think of a 10 percent charge! What is this? But if you do not tell you how important a 1 percent charge is when you need it!

Post Sources: Galester

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