TX121 ME320


Resetter Software

Before opening the Epson Resetter program, adjust the date of your computer depending on what kind of Epson Program you have. And make sure that there’s no pending print task in your computer to your printer. This Epson resetter is for the used of the said printer, the Epson Stylus TX121, and Epson ME320 printer.

This program is recommended for the use of Windows XP Operating System and Windows 7 32 bits version. Download Windows 7 Compatible program here

How to Reset Epson TX121 and Epson ME320 Work:

  1. Turn on printer and connect USB cable
  2. Download Resetter Epson TX121 ME320
  3. Extract file
  4. Open AdjProg.exe – Accept
  5. Particular adjustment mode
  6. Waste ink pad counter – OK
  7. Give check box Main Pad Counter and Platen Pad Counter
  8. Click Check – OK
  9. Click Initialization – OK
  10. Finish and then close adjustment program Epson TX121 ME320
  11. Turn off printer and then turn on back.

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