Free Download Resetter Epson Adjustment Program L Series
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Free Download Resetter Epson Adjustment Program L Series

Any Epson printers and printers with other brands such as Canon and HP that are used continuously, in the long run, will surely encounter the name of Error Blink problem on Power indicator, ink indicator, Paper indicator both alternately or simultaneously. It is caused by Pad Counter which has reached the maximum limit of storage and use of a printer. So a reset action is required to have the Pad Counter status 0 back.

One feature that the Epson Printer is it’s time to do a Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter is a Printer when directly switched on Blink ink indicator and Power simultaneously or Blink ink indicator and Power alternately. Type Blink on an Epson Printer that signifies it must be reset differently, for older versions of Epson before discharge Epson L series such as Epson L3110 marked with power indicator Blink and ink alternately. But for Epson printers The new output Epson L series is marked with Blink Power indicator and ink simultaneously.

In the following, I share some of the resetter adjustment programs of Epson L series printers that are free included Resetter Epson L3110, Epson L220 Resetter, Epson L360 Resetter, Epson L1300 Resetter, Epson L385 Resetter, Epson L310 Resetter, and Epson L1110 Resetter. Please download it via the following link Select one of the links for each of the Epson Printer series according to the printer you are using or as needed:

Epson L Series Adjustment Program Download:

  • Epson L100 Resetter Download Link
  • Epson L110 Resetter Download link
  • Epson L120 Resetter Download link
  • Epson L130 Resetter Download link
  • Epson L132 Resetter Download link

L200 To L222 Series

L300 To L396 Series

L405 To L495 Series

  • Epson L405 Resetter Download link
  • Epson L455 Resetter Download Link
  • Epson L475 Resetter Download Link
  • Epson L485 Resetter Download link

How to Reset an Epson L Series Printer with Epson Adjustment Program Resetter

To reset the printer Epson L Series Use the Program Adjustment process and the same way. Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Run an Epson application Adjustment Program resetter
  2. Click the SELECT Menu in the top right
  3. Select the Model Name and arrange the printer to be reset
  4. Select USB Port in USB Port option that is connected to the printer and then Click OK
  5. Select the Particular Adjustment Mode Menu
  6. Select the Waste Ink Pad Counter Menu
  7. Main Pad Counter Checklist
  8. Click Check will be shown the number of Pad Counter
  9. Rechecklist Main Pad Counter
  10. Click Initialize, if the confirmation appears Click OK or Yes
  11. A notification appears reset success fully and command to turn off the printer
  12. Turn off Printer, Restart Printer notification appears
  13. Turn on the Printer, Click OK on Restart Pinter notification
  14. Completed, Close application Resetter