How to refill HP 651 color and black ink cartridge for HP 5645, 5575, 252, 202 – instructions

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Original HP 651 ink cartridges  for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5645, 5575, OfficeJet 252, 202  need to be refilled immediately after completion (both color and black), and preferably shortly before the end. Refilling a cartridge that has been kept empty for a while is usually a waste of time and money. For refueling you need:

  • Syringes 5 ml according to the number of colors (3 pieces for a color cartridge, 1 for black), in general, you can take any volume
  • HP 651 ink
  • Napkins
  • For best results, it is convenient to have cartridge pumping platform 651 and flushing fluid , but not required.

If there is a service liquid , before refueling, gently clean the outside of the print head with a cloth dampened in the liquid, i.e. nozzle plate with nozzles on the bottom of the cartridge. And proceed to refueling.

1. Place the cartridge on the tissue with the print head facing down.

2. Using a knife, gently pry a corner of the sticker off the cartridge cover and remove it.

3. Fill the syringe with no more than 3 ml of ink of the desired color (in total you have 4 types of ink – “blue” cyan, “red” magenta, yellow yellow, black black).

4. Locate the filler hole as shown below.

5. Carefully insert the syringe needle into the sponge inside the fill port of the color you want to fill. Insert the needle no deeper than 1 cm! There may be a slight resistance of the foam filler when pushing the needle.

6. Slowly (no faster than 1 ml. In 15 seconds), inject ink into the cartridge until the excess ink appears in the filling hole, at this moment finish filling. Rinse the priming needle with distilled water and dry before refilling with a different color if you are using the same syringe for all colors.

7. Blot any remaining ink around the fill port to avoid mixing different inks. Repeat steps 3-7 for each color.

8. Cover the top of the cartridge with the sticker so that it adheres to its old place. If the filling has been done many times and the sticker has lost its adhesive properties, cut it out of the tape. You cannot leave the cartridge without a sticker, otherwise the ink will dry quickly. But do not glue the entire upper surface, pay attention to the exit of the tracks from under the sticker – air should flow through these serpentine grooves into the cartridge instead of the ink leaving during printing

11. Clean the printhead nozzles (strips on the bottom of the cartridge) and the cartridge contact plate with a dry cloth.

12. Install the cartridge into the printer. Print a test page , if it has streaks or gaps, run “print head cleaning” from the printer menu on your computer, this usually helps. If the cartridge is dry (not used for a long time) or was completely empty, even after cleaning through the printer menu, it may not print. As a solution to the problem, you can pump out the air immediately after filling the cartridge using such a filling platform . You can also shake the cartridge like a thermometer (nozzles down).

On average, the 651st cartridge can handle 1 to 5 color refills and 1 to 8 black refills. The ink tanks are refilled until the electronic part of the cartridge fails. And it burns easily and often (in this case, the cartridge is usually not detected by the printer).


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