How to replace the “pampers” chip with Canon imagePROGRAF (maintenance cartridge container) MC-10, MC-16, MC-05, MC-07, MC-08, MC-09, MC-04 – instructions

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Chip for the maintenance cartridge MC-10, MC-16, MC-05, MC-07, MC-08, MC-09  allows the use of a waste ink bottle (Maintenance Box / hopper / diaper / container-maintenance cartridge) for Canon plotters ImagePrograf is reusable and significantly save on consumables. The chip (microcircuit) is easily installed in the original place in the standard grooves and the printer (plotter) perceives the maintenance cartridge as new.

Chip replacement instructions

1. Unscrew the self-tapping screw that secures the chip to the holder.

2. The chip in the holder is simply snapped into place, it is held due to the fact that its edges rest against the walls of the holder. You just need to pry it off with a screwdriver, knife or tweezers from one edge and remove.

3. Replace the original chip with a new non-original one.

4.  Screw the holder back onto the cartridge body.

Please note: you need to visually make sure that the felt filler in the container can still absorb ink and, if necessary, rinse and dry it.


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