LDR PC Desk Lamp

Most of the PC desk lamps available in the market light up whenever there is an input power. These don’t take into account whether there is a real need for the light or not. Here is an intelligent PC desk lamp circuit that overcome the problem.
It senses the light level in the room to determine the actual need for light and lights up only if required. It is designed to work with the PC and remains on only when the PC in the table is in working state. It uses MOC3021.

Front end of the circuit is powered by the 5volt dc supply available from the usb port of the PC. When circuit is powered, the light sensor LDR (R2) resistance is low if there is sufficient light and thus most of the base current of transistor T1 finds an alternative easy path via LDR and T1 remains cutoff. While during dakness, the LDR behaves almost as an open circuit, and the current through sensitivity control preset pot (P1) and assosiated resistors (R1,R3) flows into the transistor’s base. As a consequence, T1 conducts to energise the opto-triac PC1. Next, the lamp driver triac T2 is fired through the opto-triac PC1 and switch on the power supply to the incandescent lamp.

The circuit can be constructed on a medium size PCB. After construction, enclose the finished circuit in a well insulated plastic cabinet. Then drill holes for mounting the ‘B’ type USB input socket, power switching termianls and the LDR etc. This circuit is meant for use in conjuction with Personal Computers to switch on an associated light sensitive table lamp/similar load. An optional electro magnetic relay can also be wired at the output of the circuit to switch heavy electrical load(s). For interconnection between PC and the control circuit, use a standard USB cable with an ‘A’ type connector on one end and a ‘B’ type connector at the other end.

LDR USB Desktop Lamp Circuit Schematic

ldr pc desk lamp circuit schematic

Warning! This LED PC Desk Lamp circuit is perfectly isolated from mains. However some parts of the circuit carries dangerously high voltages. So ,while testing,using or repairing take extreme care to avoid the fatal electric shock.


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