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What Is A Blog And Can You Make Money With A Blog?

A blog is a website where you put information and share your knowledge on something know and are interested in, with an audience that wants to know about it or are interested in it.

When you blog, interested people find your blog content either through search engines or social media. They get to know about you, and your interest, which is similar to theirs, and you both can establish a relationship.

Can You Make Money With Your Blog?

Yes. You can make money with your blog if you want to. There are multiple ways to monetize and make money from it. Many people have made money from their blog in the past. Many people are making money from their blog even as you are reading this. More people will make money from it in the future and you could be one of them.

How Long It Will Take To Start Earning Money With Your Blog

Today, tomorrow, next week, next month. There is no specific time, if you monetize your blog with all the possible methods. You can start earning money the same day you made your first blog post. This is rarely the case, but I know that it is possible. You start earning money the moment you meet the right audience.

If you put out a good content and share it on social media, if you are lucky to meet the right person, you could make money that same day. But you are more likely to meet the right audience when your blog gets more popular.

How Much Money Can You Make With Your Blog?

There is no limit to how much money you can make. It depends on why you are blogging and how you treat your blog. If you take your blog as a business and treat it like one, you will make much more money from it and there is no limit. But if you take your blog as a hobby, then you will make smaller amount of money from it.

Pat Flyn of SmartPassiveIncome once made above $300,000 in just one month from his blog, and on average he makes about $100,000 a month from his blog. There are many other bloggers making a steady 5 Figure income every month from their blog.

But my goal in this website is to help start your blog and make $100 every day from it. When you get to that threshold, I am sure you can scale it up to any level you want.

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