Visual Basic Uses

What are the Uses of Visual Basic?

Visual Basic

You may have heard that Visual Basic is evolved from the DOS version of BASIC, which means it is the beginners’ all-purpose symbolic instruction code. Being the third-generation event-driven programming language, Visual Basic was released by Microsoft in 1991. VB was considered as one of the most powerful programming languages ever existed then, and it would enable anyone including beginners to easily develop GUI window applications. As compared to other computer programming languages, such as C, C++, Visual Basic is user-friendly and easy to learn and understand. The only thing you need to have in order to learn this language is dedication and determination.

Since the primary release of VB, Microsoft released many versions of Visual Basic, from Visual Basic 1.0 to the ultimate version Visual Basic 6.0. All of these versions were effectively used by the VB developers. The VB programming language allows programmers to make software interface and codes in a simple to use graphical environment.

Uses of Visual Basic

Visual Basic for Applications allows users to perform a myriad of functions that go beyond simple word processing and spreadsheet functions. For the typical user, VBA helps to make frequent everyday tasks less repetitive via macros. While, macros can be used to automate repetitive word, data-processing functions, generate custom forms, graphs, and reports. There are plenty of other uses which can be done using Visual Basic and they are:

1.     Creating Software Interface and Codes

A visual basic programming language allows programmers to create software interface and codes in an easy to use graphical environment.

2.     Creating forms having specific attributes

VB is a combination of different components with the help of which it is used to create forms having specific attributes and actions. A programmer can create a number of applications using the components provided by the Visual Basic program.

3.     Developing Window based Applications

VB allows programmers to develop widows based applications rapidly. Programs written in Visual Basic can also use the Windows API, which requires external function declarations.

4.     Accessing databases

Visual Basic greatly helps in accessing databases using ADO which will let programmers use ActiveX controls and various objects.

5.      Developing games

While Visual Basic is intended more to develop applications, it is also useful for games development for particular or limited purposes, unlike C++ that is more suitable for developing games.

How is Visual Basic Applications used?

  • VB Applications are used within MS Office applications to automates tasks like generating customized charts and reports, perform word and data-processing functions.

For example, with a single click, you can create an entire balance sheet from a series of accounting entries in a spreadsheet.

  • Computer professionals or programmers use macros in replicating large pieces of code, designing specific languages and merging existing program functions.
  • Many professional companies and organizations use Visual Basic Applications in non-Microsoft settings by using a technology called “COM interface”. It will allow these companies/organizations to interact across computer boundaries. Many firms have implemented VBA within their own applications, both proprietary and commercial, including Corel, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CATIA, raw, and ArcGIS.


Compared to other languages Visual Basic could be slower, yet it is flexible and easier. Since it is one of the popular programming languages, many related books and other resources are available. This is helpful if you’re interested to learn more about Visual Basic language. Taking Visual Basic Training could also help you to conveniently develop programming skills and understand that learning Visual Basic programming language is the right choice for your career growth.

Once you have your VB skills developed move onto other languages like VB script. However, all this depends on your interest and desire. Also, keep in mind, Visual Basic is one of the most important programming languages having a powerful front-end tool.  These powerful front-end tools will help you to achieve simple and complex business requisites in an effective and efficient manner.

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