What is Nanotechnology: Advantages and Disadvantages?

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Nanotechnology is the segment of technology that works with dimensions and tolerances of a 1 to 100 nanometers scale, namely the manipulation of an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale. Nanotechnology has proven its immense potential in varying fields like medication, electronics, IT, environment and energy etc. Its great potential has ignited debates and discussion around the world and many investments are going to its development. Though everyone believes nanotech to bring about a better future, we must not forget that everything comes with its own flaws and risks, pros and cons. So, if we really want nanotech to bring about more good than bad, we must be aware of all its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of nanotechnology:

  • Nanotech has contributed to the medical world by creating- smart drugs. Drugs that is faster, more efficient in curing complicated diseases and less likely to cause serious side effects. Researches on regenerative medicines, development of novel gene sequencing, gene therapy, tissue regeneration, immunity and different cures for severe diseases like – cancer and easier diagnosis of atherosclerosis etc. have been widely benefited.
  • Nanotechnology has brought upon revolutionary changes in a lot of electronic products and their applications. The areas of plasma displays, Nano transistors, Nano diodes, quantum computers are greatly receiving development. Nanotech has enabled the production of flexible electronics, flash memory chips for smartphones and products alike, for example – flexible displays for e-book readers. The development of MRM which is depended on Nano – scale magnetic paths.
  • The energy sectors can also benefit from nanotech as the batteries, solar cells and fuel cells can be made into a slighter frame and easy for use. Another sector to get advantages from nanotech would be the manufacturing sector as the products of their use can be made into a more durable yet lighter form.
  • Other uses of nanotech would be – creating water repellent nanotech film applied screens, converting cellulose to ethanol fuel, nanostructure ceramic coatings for mechanical parts, making stain repellent clothing etc.

Disadvantages of nanotechnology

  • Though full of potential it is still not cost effective. Nanotech is just too lavish and not just that, to manufacture it is really tenacious. 
  • For all its medical miracles, nanotech has also endangered human life and the environment. Nanoparticles may cause toxic side effects to occur and cause diseases like-lung cancer. These particles are so small they can insert themselves easily through inhalation. Awareness about this is still quite small which could lead to more future disruptions.
  • By miracles of Nano tech, Atomic weapons of biological warfare are turning more and easier to produce, much more strong and destructive. And the accessibility is turning higher. All this power in the wrong hands, even the thought of it is enough to put fear in our hearts.    
  • As much as nanotech is benefitting us, it’s slowly drawing us away from traditional manufacturing industry thus driving those very industries into the ground over time. Etc.

To make the best out of nanotechnology we must be aware of all its disadvantages along with its advantages and improve the conditions so the future result isn’t one that will come to regret.


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